The following are samples of work I’ve done for school, work, and fun.  Enjoy!

Micro Content

In 2016, I had the wonderful opportunity of working with RevenueWire’s marketing team as a Marketing Communications co-op.  One of my favourite tasks was designing micro content images which were published on their social media accounts.  These were motivational and insightful quotes accompanied with custom-made graphics and design.  The graphics were personally illustrated by myself. […]

Fundraising Event

During my time at Camosun, one of my favourite projects to work on was a fundraising event for the local non-profit organisation VIDEA.  Our team of seven students organised a burger and beer event, in addition to hosting bake sales and doing general soliciting.   We had over 116 attendees and raised over $4,000 in less […]

Poster Design

Here is a sample of a poster I designed to demonstrate my illustration and design skills.  The purpose of this communication is to persuade/remind audience of a make-belief networking event that focuses on whiskey tasting.  The objective of the poster is to encourage the audience to attend the event.  The target audience are local professionals […]

Brochure Design

The above images are a double-sided, three-panel brochure on vermicomposting.  This was created to demonstrate my design and illustration skills.  The purpose of this communication piece is to inform and introduce the audience to the concept of vermicomposting, with the objective to get them to make their own vermicomposting system.  As a marketing tool, this […]

Feature Story

The following is a feature story about Harriette Cunningham, a preteen transgender girl who fought to extend the rights of transgender people in the BC Human Rights Code.  The purpose of this communication piece is to inform the audience of her personal and political battles as a young transgender girl.  The objective of this piece […]

Coding Presentation

Writing for the ear is different than writing for the eyes, so this sample demonstrates my speech-writing ability.  The purpose of the below piece is to verbally discuss benefits of learning to code, and an organisation that will help you get started.  The objective of the speech is to inform, inspire and motivate listeners to […]