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6 Tech Networking Events to Check Out

As mentioned in a previous post, the tech industry is huge in Victoria.  If you have an interest in tech, here are some networking events I recommend checking out to get to know the people who work in the industry.  I personally don’t like to take myself too seriously, so when it comes to networking, the more casual and informal, the better!

1. Canada Learning Code

Canada Learning Code Mentors – January 27, 2018.

As you may or may not know, I have been a long time volunteer mentor, and recent Marketing Coordinator of Canada Learning Code’s Victoria chapter.  They host 1-3 affordable beginner-friendly workshops every month, introducing adults, youth, and educators digital literacy.  Additionally, they also host free meetups for the community to mix and mingle with volunteers, leads, learners, and people who are curious about our workshops.

2. WhiskyDev

Whiskey glass, original design. Copyright Ellen Young.

WhiskyDev is a semi-monthly networking event that revolves around whiskey tasting.  The organisers and the attendees generally work in the tech industry — usually as developers, hence the name WhiskyDev.  At these events, attendees sample and learn about different whiskeys from around the world, and get to meet fellow tech enthusiasts.  As a huge whiskey fan, WhiskyDev is one of my favourite networking events.  I attended my first WhiskyDev last fall, and the theme of that event was Indian whiskeys — very cool.  These events do require tickets — which are around the $45 range, and they sell out fast!

3. YYJTechLadies

Silhouette of woman standing in front of a crowd of people. From Creative Commons.

YYJTechLadies is a group of professional women in business and technology.  Several times a year, they host educational and informative events and workshops for self-identified women.  Topics they have covered in past events include personal branding, compensation and negotiations, working in technology, experiences from women, and more.

4. VIATEC Events

Man covering face.  From Creative Commons.

The VIATEC events were probably the first tech-related networking events I’ve ever attended.  And let me tell you, they are a ton of fun!  I recommend checking out their VIAfest F*ckUp Nights, a semi-regular occurring event where they bring in accomplished professionals to talk about epic failures in their careers.  These talks are humbling as they are hilarious.  These events are free for VIATEC members, and it only costs $20, annually, for a student membership!

5. Breakfast Club

Breakfast club meetup.

During the first Thursday morning of every month, you can find these tech-lovers enjoying their eggs and bacon at Frankie’s Modern Diner.  The attendees are typically front-end developers, but anyone who has an interest in tech is free to join.

6. StartupSlam

Young people working in a team. From Creative Commons.

This annual event is actually a series of workshops and seminars targeting young professionals and students in engineering, development, and entrepreneurship.  The event has been running since 2014, and is the largest tech conference on Vancouver Island.

I hope to see you soon!

So there you have it.  Six tech-related networking events that you probably didn’t know existed!  I have made some wonderful connections and life-long friends attending these events.  If you are interested in the tech industry, I know you will enjoy meeting new people at these events too.  I hope to see you there!

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