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20 Marketing Acronyms and Abbreviations

Learn the Lingo

I remember during the first week of my first office job, I probably heard more acronyms and letters than actual words.  In order to keep up with my co-workers, I would nod along, pretending I understood the conversation, and the moment I was alone, I’d discreetly google every acronym my colleagues used.  Good times.

Get ahead of the game by learning these common acronyms used in marketing.

AIDA: Attention, interest, desire, action

These are the steps in the sales funnel that potential consumers go through.

B2B: Business to business

Businesses that sell to other businesses.

B2C: Business to consumer

Businesses that sell to consumers.

BANT: Budget, authority, need, timeline

Ensure your potential customers have the budget, authority, need, and time to purchase your product.

CLV: Customer lifetime value

Prediction of profit during the relationship of your customer.

CMS: Content management system

Approaches, technologies and processes used to manage your content.

CPA: Cost per action

In this context, we are not talking about Chartered Professional Accountants.  We’re talking about online advertising pricing model based on action/acquisition.

CPC: Cost per click

This is another online advertising pricing model whereby every click comes with a price.

CRM: Customer relationship management

Approaches, technologies and processes in customer interactions and management.

CTA: Call to action

An instruction to your audience to prompt immediate response.  For example: “Sign up now!”

CTR: Click though rate

The ratio of users who click compared to the numbers of view an ad or page receives.

KPI: Key performance indicator

Measurable value that demonstrates the effectiveness of how a company is achieving their goals.

MOM: Month over month

Measured events over two or more months.

ROI: Return on investment

Value gained from an investment.

SaaS: Software as a service

Subscription-based software licensing and services.

SEO: Search engine optimization

Process of affecting online visibility and advertising.

UX: User experience

Design catered to improving visibility and usability for the end user.

WOM: Word of mouth

Recommendations based on peer to peer reviews.

YOY: Year over year

Measured events over two or more year.

YTD: Year to date

Period extending from the beginning of the year to the present date.

2 thoughts on “20 Marketing Acronyms and Abbreviations

  1. Hey Ellen,

    Super cool blog. First off I really like your theme, I was wondering what its called for a future reference. It looks professional and relevant. The marketing lingo, even though an old post, it’s super important. I can never remember what SEO and CPC mean, I see them in textbooks, and have to Google the terms to remind myself. But now I have your handy blog, so thanks for that.

    Best of luck this semester and with the continuation of your blog.


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